Wasps, bees or other organisms?

When bees wasps or other organisms are in the wrong place…

You may need some technical advice or assistance to find a solution. Contact us when you have any nuisance species that need to be removed from the places you live learn work and play.

Sometimes the creatures we want in our garden for pollination or biodiversity end up making their home in the wrong place. This could include bees in trees that need lopping, or in roof or wall cavities, or paper wasps on verandahs and home entries. How this is managed is highly dependent on the site and other variables that need to be considered to determine safest and lowest toxicity removal options. Contact us to let us know the circumstances and we’ll let you know how we’d approach the problem.

If you have other pests causing concern that have not been covered on our services page, contact us and we’ll let you know whether we can assist you.

Your Questions Answered

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective health and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. Genuine Urban IPM technicians use their knowledge of pest lifecycle and behaviour to find safe, effective ways to manage their presence. A good IPM practitioner also uses a consultative approach to develop and implement pest management plans based on the needs of the home or business in relation to the economic and health issues presented by pests.

IPM best practice always assesses a pest problem by initially determining relevant physical, cultural and biological approaches to manage pest issues. Physical approaches include proofing (where possible) to exclude pests. Cultural approaches include any practices that can be put in place by building users to reduce the potential for pests to find shelter, food, water and breeding conditions. Biological approaches may include any environmental changes that can be made to reduce a problem species capacity to meet their survival needs and/or encouraging predator species to keep numbers under control.

Chemical intervention is the final approach considered by genuine IPM practitioners who will always use the most effective least toxic approach to reduce numbers so that ongoing management strategies are economical and effective. We have developed a decision making criteria which guide our use of chemicals so there is transparency around our approach.

Have wasps, bees or other organisms in the wrong place?

If you have other pests not covered on our services page, we can do our best to help you find a solution. Contact us to tell us what’s happening and we’ll be in touch.

How do I deal with spiders?

There are a number of ways to keep spiders from making your home their home. Call us to find out the best way to manage spiders.

Safer options for termites and other pests

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