Of the 4,000 species of cockroaches recorded, Australia has about 450 species.

In their natural environment cockroaches are an important part of the eco-system as they recycle nutrients and are a food source for arthropods, birds, and mammals.

There are 6 species of cockroaches that are considered pests, and can cause health problems in humans. They are a pest that are largely dreaded due to their potential to transmit diseases and cause allergic reactions. They can contaminate food areas with regurgitations, excreta, egg cases and moulted skins. Cockroach allergens can cause asthma attacks so it is extra important for anyone allergic to cockroaches to use baits instead of sprays which can further irritate allergies and asthma.*

The most commonly encountered cockroaches in buildings are:

  • GermanĀ (Blattella germanica);
  • AmericanĀ (Periplaneta americana);
  • Brown-banded (Supella longipalpa);
  • Australian (Periplaneta australasiae); and the less prevalent
  • Oriental (Blatta orientalis); and
  • The Smokey-brown (Periplaneta fuliginosa).

Our cockroach service includes:

  • Species identification;
  • Assessment of the problem and identification of any conditions conducive to cockroaches;
  • Consultation and information about the species and understanding what conditions might be encouraging cockroaches and recommendations of non-chemical strategies to manage the problem;
  • Comprehensive treatment.

Your Questions Answered

How much does a cockroach service cost?

Our prices start from $110 depending on the type of premises and the extent of the infestation. When servicing food establishments we prefer to schedule times outside opening hours to be able to check the premises effectively and ensure discretion.

What can I do to avoid cockroaches?

  • Avoid leaving pet food out as this can attract cockroaches.
  • Cockroaches emit pheromones which attract more cockroaches so it is important to keep surfaces and kitchen areas clean, and remove food waste regularly.
  • Cockroaches often find their way into buildings in cardboard packaging (they love those corrugated hidey holes), so ensure you remove any cardboard from the building as soon as packaging has been unwrapped (recycle).
  • Cockroaches enter through crevices and like damp places, so keeping your building well maintained will make it more difficult for them to find harbourage.

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