Our Chemical Selection Criteria

Chemical Selection Decision Making Criteria

NatureSafe Pest Solutions works on the principle that the more selective the control, the less harm there will be to non-target organisms in the environment, including infants, children, pets and the organisms that are an important part of a healthy home and ecosystem. We select pesticides based on the following criteria:

Least Toxic

Least acutely and chronically toxic product available.


Chemicals that reside on surfaces continue to be active for anywhere from months to years. We prefer baits that are used to manage a problem, their location is known and they can be replaced when necessary.


Biodegradable with low or non-toxic breakdown pathways – this ensures there is no detrimental impact beyond the intended application.

Target Specific & Selective

We choose the product that works specifically on the species identified.

Safer options for termites and other pests