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Why Annual Termite Inspection Is So Important

It goes without saying… uncontrolled termite infestation can often wreak havoc on your home. And to make matters worse is; most homeowners don’t even realise this before it’s too late and the damage caused becomes both extensive and expensive.

Furthermore, termite colonies can expand in a short amount of time to hundreds and then eventually into millions. Plus, they can easily invade any kind of home – be it stucco, wood, brick and other building materials.

In short, they can eat any material which comprises cellulose and resultantly cause devastating infestation and damage to your priceless property.

To prevent all this and save money on expensive repairs; performing an annual termite inspection is very much important!

GOOD NEWS For All Your Homeowners Is

Nature Safe Pest Control; your reliable safe pest control service provider in Gold Coast offers you safe termite treatment and protection from nooks and corners in your home which you may not even be aware of.

Our experienced termite inspectors will arrive at your property and typically start things off by performing a pre-termite treatment inspection.

The purpose of this inspection is to notice signs of termite infestation, some of which include as –

  • Mud shelter tubes
  • Termite excrement (which will appear as piles of frass)
  • Discarded wings
  • Walls showing termite mazes

and so on…!

Our diligent termite inspection team will utilise a tool to tap on your walls (both on its interior and exterior) to listen for hollow sounding wood. Plus, they will also examine your home’s exterior (even those crawlspaces) mainly to see contact with the wood to soil – which we believe to be the most common way for outside termites to gain access into your home interiors.

Once done, our team will also examine stumps, trees, fences, sheds, wooden retaining walls, detached garages and other property structures prone to termite infestation. On coming across a potential termite infestation; our team will immediately notify you of their discovery and even suggest you to get a full-bore termite treatment to safeguard your home from its inevitable damage.

What Else To Expect…?

Our confident and experienced termite inspection team on conducting their comprehensive inspection on your property will also present you a legit termite certificate. This mainly determines the existing condition of your property.

Their detailed report will properly list out any potential damage found during the inspection stage and even point out their words of wisdom whether your property structure requires more termite treatment or not.

To get a proper idea of the degree of termite infestation inside your home; OUR TEAM will perform the following –

  • They will inspect every single room within your home structures namely – toilets, bedrooms, closets, vanity storage along with the attic and other existing sub-structure areas
  • Moreover, at the time of inspection, our team will also look for other signs of a potential termite infestation such as leaking pipes, moisture-hampered wood and so on

The recommended course of action for you will be to procure a copy of the termite inspection report, before they think of striking a deal with a potential property seeker.

Why Comprehensive Termite Inspection Is A Must For Homeowners?

Truth be told, termites never make things easy for homeowners. Many aptly label them as  ‘Silent Destroyers’ -simply because they feast upon your property wood quickly and silently, therefore deteriorating the structural support of your home.

Here Are Some Good Reasons Why Termite Inspection Is So Crucial.

  • It Presents Buyers Assurance Of A Safe & Termite-Free Property

If there is one thing potential home buyers detest; it’s pest infestation. And upon noticing any signs of a possible pest (in this case termite) infestation; they quickly lose interest and divert their attention to other properties.

So, in other words, due to this unwanted pest (termite) infestation; you can lose buyers. And as long as you leave this termite infestation unattended, you will never be able to provide your buyers assurance of a safe, stable and hygienic property.

Of course, by receiving a full-bore termite inspection report from professional service providers near you; you can ensure your potential buyer that your home/property is devoid of any pest or termite infestation and will perfectly meet their living needs and comforts…

Our team of termite inspectors can help you with that. So Speak To Us As You See Fit!

  • Professional Termite Inspection & Treatment Positively Affects Your Property Value

By performing a comprehensive termite inspection followed by appropriate termite treatment; you can definitely influence the value of your property in a positive way.

If you know for sure that your property (put up for sale) is completely devoid of any trace of termite infestation and can meet all living needs and comforts of your potential buyers; then you can confidently (and even proudly) negotiate the price to your liking whenever communicating with your potential property seekers.

Our team will offer termite activity and susceptibility inspections and reports to Australian Standard AS 3660.2-2014. Our fee includes a report to explain all our findings and recommendations.

So… if come across signs of termite invasion in your property, do not disturb the area. Talk to our trusted termite manager or contact us for advice on safely managing the infestation…!

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Above all – Protects Your Property From Such Unwanted Invasion Throughout The Year

Perhaps; the most important reason why you should opt for professional termite inspection is to PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY from these unwanted termite pest threats – all throughout the year!

The longer you leave the existing termite infestation unattended or ignored; the more risks you put on the structural integrity of your property. In a matter of weeks, they can literally destroy your furniture, drywall, paneling and other aspects.

They most certainly give significant meaning to the term ‘PEST’. And truth be told, this is one pest problem which no homeowner wants to have at their potentially sellable property.

Our confident and experienced team of termite inspectors will works on the principle that – the more selective the pest control chemical, the lesser harm there will be to non-target organisms in the environment, including infants, children, pets and the organisms.

When Sorting Chemicals for pest (termite) control in and across Gold Coast; our team;

  • Will use the least chronically and acutely toxic chemicals
  • Will make use of non-residual termite treatment chemicals
  • Moreover, we will make use of biodegradable non toxic breakdown pathways  to prevent any detrimental impact

Now that you have a clear idea of why performing an annual termite inspection is so crucial for you as a homeowner.

So, without further ado, is you have a termite infestation problem at home, CONTACT OUT TEAM Today!

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